The Styles of Port Wine: Tawny or Ruby? Its Hard to Choose …

We decided to untangle the Port Wine! From this publication, we will explain everything to those who follow us!

Port wine is a wine produced in the Douro Region. The manufacturing process, based on tradition, include stopping the fermentation of wine by adding grape brandy (brandy or benefit) blending wines and aging.

Port wine is distinguished from ordinary wines for their particular characteristics:

A huge variety of types; A richness and intensity of aromas, and a very high persistence either aroma or flavor; A high alcohol content (usually between 19 and 22% vol.) In a wide range of sweet and wide range of colors.

Port wines can be divided into two styles depending on the type of aging.

Style Ruby

These are wines that seeks to restrain the evolution of their deep red color, more or less intense, and maintain the fruit and strength of a young wine. In this type of wine, in ascending order of quality, are part of the Ruby category, Reserve, Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) and Vintage. The wines from the best categories, especially Vintage, have great potential guard as they age well in the bottle.


The wines of this style, where vintage is the category of the top of the scale, are loaded with color and slightly sweet and fruity than the Tawny Ports. Produced from grapes of a single year and bottled two to three years after harvesting, gradually evolves over ten to 50 years in bottle. The charm of Vintage Port is that is attractive in almost every stage of your life in the bottle.

In Portugal, the Institute of Douro and Port Wine (IVDP) which recognizes and ranks the Port wines as “Vintage”.

This was the case in 2011, where this QUINTA DO CRASTO Vintage 2011 and the work of its winemakers Manuel Lobo and Tomás Roquette, stood out. This Vintage has a smooth start, evolving gradually for a wine of great volume and concentration, with fresh tannins firm and compact texture. Fresh, long and elegant, with a remarkable aromatic burst of very ripe berries.

On the nose, excellent aromatic concentration, which features expressive notes of ripe and soft spice berries. All very balanced.

Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) is a wine from a single harvest, selected for their high quality bottled after an aging period of between four to six years. Most are ready to be consumed at the time of purchase, but some continue their aging in bottle.

This QUINTA NOVA LBV Port 2009 is perfectly Ruby style. Jorge Alves and Sonia Pereira created a wine with a nose that reveals intense aromas of black fruit (blackberries and blueberries) and floral notes (rose petals). In the mouth, structured and soft, with magnificent balance between sweetness, acidity and alcohol. Very concentrated, silky texture, very persistent, with intense fruit notes.

When and how to drink:

The wines of this style are best drunk at an average temperature and goes well with certain cheeses like cheese from Serra, Azeitão cheese, Cheddar cheese and even unpasteurized, in the case of LBV. They are also a good match for dark chocolate and sweets with coffee. Combine one of the suggestions this Chocolate Magic cake, and let yourself be carried away by the magic …

Tawny style

Obtained by the blending of different matured wines, led by aging in casks or vats. Are wines in which the color shows evolution, and the aromas are reminiscent of dried fruits and wood; the older the wine is, the more these characteristics are accentuated. The existing categories are: Tawny, Tawny Reserve, Tawny with an Indication of Age (10 years, 20 years, 30 years and 40 years) and Harvest. These wines are lots of several years, except for harvest, which resemble a Tawny with an Indication of Age with the same age. When are bottled they are ready to be consumed. Its taste reminds nuts and dried figs thanks to years of slow oxidation and controlled in large barrels or vats. The tawnys are more alcohol, the higher the indication of age.

When and how to drink:

The crops and aged Tawnys should be served fresh, either in summer or winter. I advise around 15 ° C. This temperature allows enjoy wine without the strong presence of alcohol. These can be drunk as aperitifs or at the end of meals, perfect when accompanied by dried fruit.

House Symington Family Estates, at the hands of their winemaker, Charles Symington, comes to us this GRAHAM’S The tawny golden amber color, mild aromas of roasted almonds with orange peel notes and spices. Well structured and complex, inviting and engaging, with a long, lingering finish.

For comparison chose this WINE & SOUL Tawny 10 years, a wine created by the hands of Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges, who have pursued the goal of creating wines that express all the character of the old vines and indigenous grape varieties of the Douro, seeking balance between concentration, complexity and elegance. This Tawny has an optimal price-quality ratio and fresh and complex aromas of nuts associated with honey and figs notes. The palate is extremely rich in flavors and long finish.

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