The discord between the two styles of Port, Tawny and Ruby, is long, with historical and philosophical roots, establishing two worlds apart from each other, two families with few contact points.

While the first, the Tawny Ports are subject to an evolution in oak barrels in oxidative environment, the second, Ruby wine, depend on an evolution in the bottle, in reducing environment, arredados of thanks oxygen.

Among the Tawny style wines, are the harvest we highlight here. Wines of a single year, faithful portraits of a harvest, without make-up, faithful mirror of nature.

Wine lot of different plots but one year, these wines from a single harvest are aged in casks for a minimum of seven years, resulting in wines with color amplitudes ranging from tawny to tawny red, depending on your age. Also the aromas and flavors evolve over time causing many styles of Tawny Ports.

Wines are slowly evolving, continuous evaporation, which need to be periodically replenished with wines of the same vintage, replacing the volume lost however. For benefit of such a long stage in old wooden barrels in deep oxidative environment, Harvest gradually lose color, acquiring tertiary aromas of dried fruits and spices, increasing the sweetness, providing wines even more complex, unctuous and smooth.

It is not easy to make good crops. Working these wines requires a rigor and a difficult to quantify accurately. By being limited to a single year, it depends on the excellence of a base wine that necessarily have to be absolutely extraordinary, the winemaker options are much more limited. Only topping and brandy fixes, arejamentos and racking can serve as weapons in the preparation of Harvest.

Strategically or not, the universe of Port Wine was divided between the houses dedicated mainly to the cause of the Tawny and the most devout houses the school of Ruby wines, separating thus the Port of Portuguese origins houses and English mother homes.

Historically, they have been the English-inspired producers to invest and lead the market in Ruby style wines, especially the two ruling classes, LBV and Vintage.

On the contrary, they have been the genesis of Portuguese homes to favor Tawny style wines, dominating the two ruling classes, wines with an indication of age and Harvest.

The Crop chosen represent two important moments of national and international history.

As is the case of this wine ANDRESEN Harvest Port 1910, which is the year in which it was implemented the Republic in Portugal, is a wine with more than 80 years aging in barrels of Madeira and in recent years in old oak barrels, presents a set of charming aromas reveal hints of cocoa and nuts, with candied orange notes and “vinagrinho” very old Porto. Refinement in the mouth with a burst to identify a unique flavor. The end is endless, breathing class.

Andresen wine

The Andresen, despite having spent a century since its founding, remains one of the port wine houses more modest, almost unknown to the national oenophiles, preferring to keep a low-profile position that does not want to abdicate. It is unquestionably one of the sovereign houses in wine harvest, style minister as few consecrating young wines and irreverent, serious, complex and tremendously fresh.

Wine Quinta do Noval

Quinta do Noval, one of the few famous Port wine houses both for their Vintage as the pickings I bring you my second choice, this NOVAL QUINTA Harvest Port 2000 an old Tawny that is for me, the turn of the century, moment that launched huge doubts about the future. It is the perfect union between elegance and “finesse” with the creamy character of dried fruit. With great balance between age and youth, long, fascinating. As the Vintages, reflects the specific character of the year and the harvest. Increasingly rare, crops represent the ultimate expression of the old Tawny Ports. These are wines of rare Ports – among the best of the Douro region – produced in very small quantities and unjustly little recognized. Let yourself be carried away by history!

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